Sites To Be Reviewed

Hello guys!

So here are some more sites which I need to post reviews up about. If you have purchased or are in the process of a purchase with any of these sites please let me know and I will post your review. You can get in touch with me at [email protected]

I am looking to review the following sites:

Will keep in touch soon!

28 thoughts on “Sites To Be Reviewed

  1. Ooh I’ve been dying to purchase Chanel from uncle bench. I heard they have really well done reps for Chanel. But they only take western union and bank transfer, which is making me hesitate to buy! What are you thoughts on this? Thanks Bella!

    • I have ordered from him & his stuff is good quality. The only Chanel I have ordered from him is a wallet & I loved it. I have ordered sunglasses & a Balenciaga bag from him & loved them as well. He ships fast & responded promptly to all my questions. I would highly recommend him.

      • Don’t order from uncle bench he is a scammer, send him the money promised me will send my Hermes birkin 35 which never did receive anything back from him can’t even reach him. NEVER order anything from this groups……

      • Hi I been there done that unbench is not a good seller there are a groups!!! they only send first time then later they just take your money and disappair.

  2. I found a knock off site but am afraid to purchase without reading some reviews on the quality and site’s legitimacy. Has anyone ever heard of or ordered from
    Thanks in advance for the feedback!

    • We hear that ‘no news is good news’, similar, in this business, ‘no review is good review’. Let me explain why.
      1. Many real buyers are concerning their privacy to review fake bags online.
      2. Many are lazy, they may simply send email to seller to thank for good quality bags & service.
      3. Some other simply don’t know how/where to review the purchase.
      4. Most importantly, most public review are fake. We all hear the store for PV.

  3. I have been coming on this website lurking around and I would like to take the time out to say Happy Thanksgiving Angie and thank you for your wonderful reviews. My only question is this, I have been looking for a LV monogram both Neverful and also a Speedy with a lock and key, that has been through a little bit of oxidation, but I can’t find one. I would be greatful even if you suggested one to me that you know will oxidate in time, SOS please help, when ever you get a chance. thanks Angie

    • Hi Anonymous (25 Nov ’12),
      If you want the vachetta leather to patina faster, try rubbing extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) on it with a white cotton cloth. The EVOO will give it a beautiful patina immediately. I found this tip on some forum, which I have lost track of, and I added my own effort of putting the bag under the sun, as in sunbathing it. I got my Palermo PM from yesterday and while the bag is gorgeous, minus a few bearable mistakes, I didn’t like the paleness of the vachetta leather. Don’t like to be seen carrying a brand new LV, y’know? But today after rubbing EVOO & sunbathing the bag for a few hours, it’s turned the color I want it to. The forum says that you can repeat this once a week for a month and then every other week to once a month thereon, for 6-12 mths, as maintenance. If I can recall correctly, the EVOO coating will also give the bag a sort of water-repellant feature (from rain or whatever). Can also be done on the canvas leather it seems.

      Good luck 🙂

  4. I have found a lot of coach websites but not sure which ones are credible and which ones are scams, can anyone recommend and sites for coach replicas? Thanks in advance!

    • but for the price listed there better buy authentic ones from an outlet. coach has an official outlet site( if you’re in the states, free shipping is offered if you buy $150.00 worth of items. has replica sellers of coach and michael kors but the quality is not good.

  5. Hi my wife has a real Hermes 9000$ and of course is very
    happy but you cant take a purse like that everywhere.
    We went to marrakech and for safety we left the bag at home….wy wife would like a good replica so she can take it anywhere without worrying about it getting stolen…so you see fake isnt always a bad thing….

  6. Uncle bench seller Rachel disappear and stop replying somehow! It’s very dangerous . Who knows how much money they collected then decided to M.I.A.

      • I just got cheat by rachel from uncle bench. I have been patience to wait for 4 months only for wallet. She just said will send but never provided the tracking number. She rejected my call too. So rude….

    • Does any one have a app call we chat? their is this Seller very honest!!! I have purchased many things from her though out the years. And she take pay pal and many other forms. her stuffs are absolutely beautiful and the finest quality!!! you name it she has it. But a lot of them is made to order especially Hermes. I got three Hermes from her. If any one like to see I can post some photos.

  7. Why some of the websites mention cant be open? Like 2013luxurybag and designerdiscreet?
    Anykmore reliable websites? I like hermes canvas herbag and ysl sac de jours and maybe fendi also celine boston. Please email me if have info to [email protected]

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