Summer ’17 Replica Haul Sneak Peak!

Hello dolls!

Hope everyone’s (almost) summer is going well! This is a brief post in which I wanted to give everyone a sneak peak of some of my recent (and AWESOME) replica bag purchases. I will be doing detailed reviews on each bag within the next couple of weeks but decided to quickly post a group shot of the haul for everyone to take a look at. My purchases include: a Louis Vuitton Keepall 40 in Damier Graphite (for my husband), a Gucci Dionysus, a Balenciaga Metallic Edge City, a Lady Dior, and a Goyard St. Louis tote. The bags are all outstanding (some a bit more than others), and I look forward to sharing more in depth reviews of each bag with you! In the mean time, let me know which review you are most looking forward to! 🙂

13 thoughts on “Summer ’17 Replica Haul Sneak Peak!

  1. Thanks for the email. Most looking forward to the Gucci Keepall 40 and the Goyard St. Louis Tote. Can’t wait. Ciao, Mario

  2. Definitely the Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite , I’ve been wanting a good one so I’m looking forward to reading your reviews!

  3. Thanks for the post. I always enjoy your explanations and instructive info about good vs bad replicas Susan

  4. I’d like t know which site is best for Louis Vuitton’s. I have a real one the Neverfull Tote MM but can’t afford another so I’m interested in the Damier Eva body crossover. LV no longer sells it on its site. Any good sites?

  5. Love your blog. I want to put in an order with DD today for the LV Magnolia Girolata. Does DD give US Louis Vuitton receipts or are they Hong Kong? want to gift this, but the person I’m giving to is so OCD, so I want to be sure. Thanks!

  6. Interested in seeing more about the Dior. I’ve always wanted that bag but worry about the quality of the hardware and the leather. Also- I’ve been trying to order from DD’s summer sale and I’m not having much luck. Adding the deal bag is what’s not working. Anyone else having luck? They don’t answer emails or messages very quickly, and when they do it’s in the middle of the night when I can’t chat back.

  7. Hi, just discovered your blog and I’m in love. I’m looking forward to the Dior and that Gucci, gosh can’t wait!

  8. Which is the best sites for bags..ordered Som stuff from designerroomuk after seeing insta n fb..really terrible n bad quality ..such a disappointment

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