Summer ’18 Replica Bag Haul Sneak Peak!

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Dear blog readers,

It is that time of year when I receive my goodies for the summer season, and share it with you ladies & gents. As many ardent blog readers are aware of, I like to usually make bundle rep purchases twice a year (once in the fall for my fall/winter looks and once in the spring for my spring/summer looks). These are the bags I have purchased and will be reviewing and sharing details of in the next few days:

  • Louis Vuitton Montaigne MM in Monogram Canvas
  • Louis Vuitton Néo Noé in Mongram Canvas with black trimmings
  • Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Multiple wallet
  • Louis Vuitton Men’s Belt
  • Gucci Women’s Belt with Double GG buckle
  • Chloé Faye Bag in Black
  • Chloé Faye Backpack in Motty Grey
  • Chanel Le Boy in Lambskin with Gold HW
  • Chanel Reissue Black with Distressed HW

I will be sharing the pros & cons of each bag, as well as rating the accuracy of each bag. As you may be able to tell from the shot above some of the packaging got dinged en route to me however this is something that is to be expected when ordering replica bags from China as the packaging sometimes gets beat up in transit. Some of the boxes (i.e. the Louis Vuitton ones) fared more better than others (i.e. the Chloé boxes which got quite damaged), but once again as a seasoned replica shopper I am not disappointed as my main focus is on what is inside the boxes! Anyways here’s a shot of the first items I will be reviewing and that you can look forward to:

#replicalouisvuitton replica louis vuitton boxes

The LV boxes were really superb with this order! I was actually impressed with how accurate they are and the quality of the boxes as well as the embossed printing of “Louis Vuitton” on the boxes.

17 thoughts on “Summer ’18 Replica Bag Haul Sneak Peak!

    • thepursequeen says:

      I always find it a good idea to purchase what is tried & trued by other reviewers too! I’ll let you know what bags turned out to be the best of the bunch and hopefully it’ll help guide you! 🙂

    • thepursequeen says:

      I will be letting you guys know in each review! Did you see the recommended sellers list page? There’s some suggestion on the page/comments below it by other blog readers!

  1. Danielle says:

    Agreed…wish I could afford the ‘real’ things, you make it easy for us to indulge w/o getting embarrassed with obvious fakes!! Don’t ever stop!! Lol

  2. Helene says:

    I still don’t see the site where you purchase your replica from. It would be very helpful as you review the different purses if you would to let us know where they come from. Thank you for your great reviews; they certainly are helpful

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